SnowFest Games

An integral part  of the festival is the sporting struggle of the best riders in the country on the Vistula River! SnowFest Games Accelerated by Taycan, is one of the largest and most spectacular feestyle events in this part of Europe.

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The acceleration and speed of athletes is guaranteed by Porsche Taycan GTS Sport Turismo and Porsche Centrum Katowice - Partners of this year's competition.

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The total prize money pool for the SnowFest Games 2023 was PLN 12,000 and the additional prize for first place was participation in the Porsche Experience, sponsored by the Event Sponsor.

A special prize was also awarded in the parallel competition - BETCLIC BEST TRICK.

Among the prizes were also in-kind prizes, sponsored by SnowFest Festival and Sponsors of the competition.



Riders (competitors) - ride around the track and perform so-called tricks (stunts) on it. This is a freestyle or freestyle competition - riders can do whatever they come up with, but they must also be able to do it. Therefore, it's not only about creativity, but also about skill, craftsmanship. Therefore, it's safe to say that they are also the artists of this festival.


You can say a little about the naming of tricks (as there will be space for it) - frontside, backside, cab (switch frontside), backside, frontflip, backflip, rodeo, underflip, regular, goofy, left/right skiing, cork.... About the fact that a well-executed trick should have a rake, that is, grabbing the board or ski, etc.


Competitors go down the track for a certain time according to the start list : 40 min qualification, 30 min finals. As time runs out, we finish a given run - so that everyone has the same number of runs on the track.

Judges evaluate the so-called "overall impression" and take into account such criteria as:

  • Technical difficulty of the tricks
  • Execution (landing, grabs, smoothness of rotation)
  • Height and distance of the jump
  • Variety of tricks - it is good for the competitor to do 2 different tricks
  • Progression, creativity, doing unorthodox tricks


The transformation of the ski hill into a freestyle track was taken care of by the Vodasodova team, which is known for its exceptional precision to detail and unique international projects like X-Games and Air&Style.

In 2024, the SnowFest Games will fall under the FIS rank, allowing Riders to collect FIS ranking points.