PRO8L3M is a phenomenon that is impossible to pass by indifferently. Since their debut in 2013, each successive release of the band has brought platinum records and electrified a growing circle of listeners. The duo moves and connects audiences across genres - from hip-hop to alternative. In their work, which is full of pop-cultural references, themes of new technology and futurism are mixed with with sensationalist tales.

Created by Oskar and Steez, the capital's band debuted in 2013 with the controversial "C30-C39," and a year later released the mixtape "Art Brut," based on samples from Polish music of the 1980s. In 2016, PRO8L3M released its debut album, an album titled "PRO8L3M," which went gold within a month and platinum within a year.

PRO8L3M is a very musically versatile project, best exemplified by the release of "Ground Zero Mixtape". On it we can hear techno and breakcore, as well as trance inspirations transformed into Oskar's dirty rap backings.

The duo's latest album was released on December 1 and the CD "PROXL3M' announces a new tour. As part of it, the band will perform at the 2024 SnowFest Festival.


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