The 21-year-old asthma, or rather Mateusz Wardyński, attracted attention just over a year ago when he released his first Polish-language track, Centrala. The Bielsko-Biała-born rapper had previously written in English. And although, like Mata, he defends himself against the term "voice of a generation," unlike the young Matczak, he is a rapper who truly creates conscious hip-hop; clearly and bluntly expressing his views. Significantly, Asthma speaks for society, not the environment or class.

"I always shy away from that phrase [voice of a generation]. Do you know why? Because it is often attributed to an individual. And in my opinion, it's something that goes down a million throats, not one. That's what people will identify with. I would definitely prefer a situation where there are a million artists who speak out about certain issues, rather than one person who will be called the voice of a generation by the media, because it often seems insincere to me," he stresses in numerous interviews, and we are happy that a representative of the Bielsko scene will perform on the main stage of the SnowFest Festival, proving that Polish rap - including that created by generationally younger artists - can not only be qualitative, but also extremely stagey and thrilling the crowds gathered in front of the stage.


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